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Sonia Gleis is a Luxembourgish model & artist.

Born in Luxembourg, Sonia grew up in an artistic family, who encouraged her very early to develop her artistic skills and expose her paintings. 

During her college years from 1995-2000, Sonia attended the Molstudio art sessions held by Luxembourgish artist Ernest Ersfeld. In 2000, she attended the watercolor art sessions held by Luxembourgish artist Norbert Hastert. After choosing the art section at the college in 2000, Sonia decided to improve her artistic skills by attending, from 2001-2003, the art sessions held by Bulgarian artist Plamen Bonev, organised by the Summer Art Academy of Luxembourg. In 2004, Sonia attended the advanced art sessions of the International Academy of Trier in Germany.

In 2005, Sonia moved to Paris, in order to continue her art studies at the Sorbonne University. 

During 2013, Sonia had the honour to be selected by RTL TV Luxembourg, to be part of the season 1 of the Art Generation tv-show, a tv participation which gave her major media exposure in Luxembourg. 


Master I  - Plastic Arts (Sorbonne University Paris)

Master I  - History of Arts - Gothic & Roman (Sorbonne University Paris)

Master II - History of Arts - Gothic & Roman (Sorbonne University Paris)


1998 1st prize Lellingen Mini-Konschtfestival. (Luxembourg)

2002 1st prize national winner Raiffeisen Contest. (Luxembourg)

2002 3rd prize international Raiffeisen Contest in Berlin. (International)

2011 Incentive prize GEPACO of Losheim. (Germany)

Solo exhibitions 

(For a complet list, please contact us.)

2002 Gallery Maison Schauwenburg, Bartreng. (Luxembourg)

2002 Goodyear Technical Center, Colmar-Berg. (Luxembourg)

2003 La Comice Agricole Gallery, Capellen. (Luxembourg)

2004 Gallery of Walferdange, Walferdange. (Luxembourg)

2005 Embassy of Japan, Luxembourg-City. (Luxembourg)

2006 Labor Chamber of Luxembourg, Luxembourg-City. (Luxembourg)

2007 A Spiren Gallery, Strassen. (Luxembourg)

2007 Djoon Club, Paris. (France)

2007 Artcour Gallery Faubourg St Honoré, Paris. (France)

2012 Habitat Luxembourg Shop, Cactus Belle Etoile. (Luxembourg)

2023 Festival de Cannes: Show Room Luxury Place. (France)

2023 Concept Store July of St Barth, Grasse. (France)

2023 Closing Fashionweek: Designers & Us fashionshow, Paris. (France)

2024 Hôtel de Sers, Paris. (France)

2024 Restaurant L'Epopée, Paris. (France)

2024 Festival de Cannes: Show Room Luxury Place. (France)

Public collections

Municipality of Strassen

Les Thermes of Strassen


2021 Télévie auction. (Luxembourg)

2023 Atrex gala. (Luxembourg)

2023 Bridge the Gap gala. (Paris)

If you wish to contact Sonia for any further informations about her paintings, a collaboration or an upcoming art exhibition, please use the contact form HERE.

© Picture by Alex Brunet/Sonia in her paint shop in Paris.

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